About Perfect Start Nurseries

Perfect Start Day Nurseries are a unique nursery chain. We have the experience and knowledge of the large nursery chains but our smaller group of nurseries allows added flexibility and ingenuity.

Our ethos is ‘The children are at the heart of every decision that we make’ and we ensure that this runs through all levels of the company. We adopted this ethos from the first week that the company was created and we do everything we can to ensure that everyone who works at Perfect Start fully adheres to this.

As parents of young children ourselves, we know how important it is to give children the best possible start in life. We also know that it is one thing to say this and another to truly deliver it but that is the ethos that we are totally committed to achieving.

We genuinely want every day to be filled with love, learning and new, exciting experiences for the children in our care. 

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Why choose Perfect Start?

Beautiful, first-class, purpose-built nursery environments

We design and build all of our nursery buildings ourselves. By doing this, we can ensure that each nursery is created to maximise the environment for the children in our care. We have carefully thought through all aspects of the nursery design process – from the location of the Nursery Manager’s office, to the size, shape and layout of the rooms, our experience helps us to create the best possible environments for the nursery to succeed.

We also have air conditioning and cctv in all rooms for added comfort and peace of mind.

We equip the nurseries with the very best equipment available. We are constantly sourcing new, innovative toys and learning tools for the children – unlike most of our competitors, we don’t limit nurseries to budgets for equipment, we get them what they need, when they need it and are constantly adding new resources to all of our nurseries.

Our educational approach

At Perfect Start, we fully understand the importance of a strong education for children in their first five years.  From the Baby Rooms through to Pre-school, we have a huge focus on ensuring that the children are educated to the best possible level.

We plan activities for the children ‘In the Moment’, which means that constantly throughout the day we are creating learning opportunities for children, based on their own individual needs and interests.  The approach that we train our staff teams on is to Observe (what the children are interested in there and then), use their Knowledge (of the child’s areas of development) and then help the child to Develop (by interacting with the child or provide additional resources to help them). 

Observe, Knowledge and Develop goes on throughout the day and ensures that each child gets an individual learning experience.  For example if a child who needs help to develop their language development was playing in the home corner ‘pretending’ to make a meal, a staff member would observe this and then set up a real cooking activity there and then for the child to take part in.  During that activity the staff member would focus on the child’s language development by encouraging the child to talk about what they are doing and introducing new vocabulary. Its simple but very effective!

We made the move to ‘In the Moment’ planning last year as traditional ‘written’ plans for children (which the majority of nurseries use) takes up staff time away from children and narrows the learning focus down to solely what has been written for the child.  In the Moment Planning allows us to cover a huge range of learning opportunities for each individual child every day and we can adapt and change plans to exactly what the child needs.

We also have a range of exciting educational programmes, including language development programmes in the baby rooms, ‘Sing and Sign’, Science programmes in Pre-school, physical development programmes in the Toddler Rooms and much, much more.

Each child is settled into nursery with their own individual care plan

We know it hugely important for parents to know that their child will be cared for to the very highest standard. Parents want their child to be cared for by Practitioners who know and understand their child. Before each child visits us for the very first time, we ask parents to complete our detailed ‘Child Information Form’, which tells us everything we need to know about your child so that we can plan the best experience for them at nursery.

Each child is allocated a ‘key person’ who will be the main point of contact for the family.  The key person records all of the relevant detail from the ‘Child Information Form’ onto an ‘Individual Care Plan’.  This ensures that the key person is fully aware of the child’s likes, dietary needs, stage of development and much, much more before the child makes their first visit to us.  This is then shared with the other team members in the child’s room, so that the staff are all prepared for their arrival.

The ‘Care Plan’ is then updated as the child progresses through nursery, so that it is fully up to date at all times.

We then settle children into nursery with a series of settling-in visits, the number of which are based on their own needs.  The first visit to nursery will allow parents to meet their child’s key person and other key members of the team.  We can also discuss in greater detail any additional needs a child may have. 

Wonderful outside play areas, specifically designed to maximise children’s learning opportunities

Our outdoor areas all have artificial grass installed so that children get the opportunity to play outside in all weathers.

We ensure that there are challenges that cover all areas of learning as well as maintain safety for the children.  We know that many children learn best outside, so we always try and maximise the amount of time children play outdoors.

About Us

Perfect Start truly is a group of nurseries like no other.  With the Senior Management team having experience of working with over 100 day nurseries prior to Perfect Start, we have been able to take all of the very best practice from the previous nurseries we have worked with and create what we believe is a unique environment for the children and our staff teams.

Prior to opening our first nursery, we took a two-year break to plan and set-up everything so that Perfect Start could be as successful as possible. We researched the best equipment, learning approaches and nursery designs so that we could offer the strongest possible operational plan. 

We have all worked in nurseries ourselves as Practitioners, Room Leaders and Managers – this is rare among the Senior Teams in most nurseries but it gives us a strong understanding of exactly what our nursery staff teams need to succeed. Our Management Team visit all of our nurseries every week, giving advice, insights and helping the nurseries to plan ahead for more success. We have great relationships with our staff teams and value everything that they do for the children in our care.

Despite all of our experience, we never stop learning; we never stop looking to innovate and keep the nurseries at the best level they can possibly be but we can promise you, that we are completely dedicated to making the experience for all associated with Perfect Start the best it can possibly be.

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Our Locations


Located just a short distance from Sevenoaks Train Station, our wonderful purpose-built nursery is in a great location. 

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Haywards Heath

The nursery has its own dedicated car park which is just a short walk away from the nursery entrance.

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We can be found on Pondtail Road in Horsham. The nursery has it’s own dedicated car park for parents to drop-off and pick up. 

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Our Farnham nursery is located on the site of the former Waverley Arms Public House, directly opposite Farnham Train Station.

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The nursery has some amazing features, including beautiful outdoor play areas, all inclusive fees, unique educational learning programmes, beautiful first-class, purpose built nursery environments.

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Our wonderful new nursery in Cobham is now open catering to children aged from 6 weeks – 5 years. The nursery is conveniently located in Cedar Road, just a short walk from Cobham Town Centre. 

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Burgess Hill

Our nursery in Burgess HIll is now open and we are taking bookings.

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Our new nursery in Weybridge is due to be opening on the 1st July 2024!

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