At Perfect Start, we pride ourselves in the quality of our staff teams.  We know it’s hugely important for nursery staff to work in a positive, supportive environment.  We know from experience that this isn’t always the case in nurseries but we only employ friendly, approachable staff who are willing to learn and develop.

We have a unique approach to inducting and training our staff teams.  We expect the very best from our teams and we give them all the tools that they need to succeed:

  • Trained face-to-face Induction
  • Leadership Training Programme
  • Nursery closed for staff training days
  • Training sessions each month as part of staff meetings
  • Limited paperwork so that more time can be spent on the children

Our Leadership Training Programme is like no other.  It is based on the experience of working with over 500 leaders in day care settings and covers everything from how to truly motivate a team to emotional intelligence.  It ensures that all our leaders are working in the same way – looking after the staff teams, making sure that the environment is right for the children and helping everyone to succeed.

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