Why work for us?

If you are reading this page and potentially interested in a career with us, let me tell you about what you can expect working for Perfect Start:

Firstly, although I am a Director of the company, I used to be a Practitioner and a Room Leader, Deputy and Manager (for various different companies).  Whilst in these roles, I knew how important it was to be managed by a well-trained Senior Team who properly supported (and valued) me.  I wanted to work in a positive environment which wasn’t hampered by negative staff members who could bring everyone down.  I wanted to work for a company that actually knew what they are doing and for owners that truly understood what it was really like to work in a nursery.  Above all, I wanted to come to work, enjoy being with the children and work for a company that I could take pride in.

So, when we started Perfect Start, we made a commitment to be truly different.  To be somewhere when one of our key objectives is to make sure that are staff teams are looked after and well-managed in the right way (quite simply, in the way in which we would like to be managed ourselves).  But we know that this cannot just magically happen, we need to make sure that it does.  So, we hold 1-2-1 inductions for all, mostly with me or Klara, our lovely Operations Manager (who is equally experienced and a former Practitioner), we have unique Leadership Training Programme which gives all our Leaders the skills they need to manage well and we help and guide our Senior Teams constantly to ensure that our truly valued teams are well looked after and supported.  We also ensure that we only employ friendly, lovely staff who we know will give all new colleagues a lovely warm welcome and be a pleasure to work with.

We may not always get everything right but we do know what we are doing and if something does go wrong, we can fix it pretty quick.  I promise you that all we want is for our teams to enjoy their jobs and actually look forward to getting out of bed in the mornings to come to work.  There is loads more that we do differently and if you do have any questions ahead of applying, please email recruitment@perfectstartnurseries.co.uk.

Still interested? Get applying and if we think you are a right fit for us, then we would welcome you with open arms.

Please note that we are constantly recruiting at all of our sites – even when we don’t have any actual vacancies, we still actively recruit as we want our staff teams to be made up of the very best staff available.

Paul Evans, Operations Director